You Can Grow Weed – Just Ask SEEDO for Perfect Buds!

Marijuana consumption is legal in many places.

Not only in America but now all over the globe you can light up a legal spliff and be like, “What?” So, with that said you may be wondering where to get the best weed in the game. Truth be told it’s a sad story in the legal cannabis industry as many regulating bodies cannot keep up with the demand and the suppliers simply don’t seem to care about quality. This situation has everyday consumers at a loss for a high-quality marijuana products as there have been numerous reports of cannabis showing up in lab tests positive for contaminants. With so many stoners looking for clean, uncontaminated cannabis now people have finally found a way to grow their own marijuana plants right at home.

Meet SEEDO: The Easiest Way to Grow Perfect Buds
SEEDO is a secure, practical solution to getting the highest-quality weed. Everyone knows that if you want a truly clean cannabis product it all starts at the bottom, and then works its way up to the flower and ultimately the tips of the trippy trichomes. If you were ever intimidated by growing your own cannabis plants – don’t be!

SEEDO is a DIY marijuana plant growing machine that literally does the work for you! Most people feel like they don’t have the time, or know-how to grow their own marijuana plants. But SEEDO is the first home-growing marijuana machine that offers laboratory precision growing with proprietary hand-held technology and the help of Mother Nature. And the beauty is that it’s all automatic. The marijuana plant will get everything it needs right from SEEDO, and you can check in on your plant from any place you go, right from your smartphone or tablet.

Now, there’s no more guesswork in cannabis growing! It’s so easy to handle growing your own weed with SEEDO so you can always have perfect buds – that  actually contain the amount of cannabinoids you want them to. From seed to flower, you can trust SEEDO to hit the mark, as it is designed to optimize marijuana plant growth by monitoring grow conditions and automating the hydroponic system right from the SEEDO app. Tracking the progress is essential to an impressive harvest and SEEDO makes that simple too! You don’t have to be a professional horticulturist to grow great weed. You can do it with SEEDO!

What Can SEEDO Do?
Features of the SEEDO automatic cannabis grow system include:

  • Built-in water filter
  • EC & PH sensors
  • Camera
  • Airtight ecosystem
  • Accurate A/C system
  • Locking door that is accessible with the SEEDO app
  • Air carbon filter
  • Automatic fertilization
  • CO2 system

SEEDO also offers live video streaming plus integrated social sharing so you can stay close to other people in the cannabis growing community. Send data from the SEEDO app to anyone else you want to consult or show off to with the touch of a button. And when it’s time to harvest, you can either tell everyone you know, or keep it on the down low. It’s up to you.

Can I Really Grow Weed With SEEDO?
You might think that growing weed with a hydroponic system is too difficult for you to do. But anyone can use the automatic system of SEEDO! By using it, you’ll get automatic watering, light cycles that are simple to adjust, mineral intake tracking, built-in gas release for C02 photosynthesis and more. The smart cannabis growing system makes it possible to grow pesticide-free weed without hardly any knowledge of plants at all. We promise.

You can grow the cleanest, tastiest cannabis on the block by yourself now. Just get SEEDO and it’s as easy as pushing a button. Made to fit inside any space, the SEEDO automatic grow system is about the size of a mini-fridge and it’s got a sleek design too!

Why not try SEEDO? For a low cost you can actually start saving money by growing your own weed right at home. And who knows? Maybe you’ll also sprout a green thumb!




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