Top 5 Best Cannabis Infused Vitamin Waters to Try

Sports waters are all the rage today. And because most people are nutrient deficient based on a less-than-desirable everyday diet, many people reach for vitamin water to fill in those nutritional gaps. Today, you’ll find that vitamin waters are one of the best sellers for people interested in health and wellness. They can contain anything from immune boosting Vitamin C, to energy-giving B complex vitamins and even superfood extracts like that of the Acai and Gogi berry! With so many flavors to choose from, now there is a new sports water breaking through to the other side … and it’s nothing like other vitamin waters.

Introducing the top 5 BEST cannabis infused waters:

  1. CBD XTreme. Boosting your wellness has never been easier than with CBDXtreme H20! Add this Xtreme beverage to your daily health regimen and you’ll get more than just optimal hydration. You’ll get the refreshment of plain water infused with cannabis nutrients nano-amplified for cellular delivery. By utilizing today’s most cutting-edge science, CBDXtreme™ H2O takes your hydration to the next level with a hemp infused beverage specifically formulated by a team of doctors to include the most unique blend of nutrients including phytocannabinoids, electrolytes and potassium, calcium and magnesium.
  2. EVERx. Get ready for one of the most anticipated CBD infused vitamin waters! Take the pain out of your workout with a cannabis water that not only boosts your immunity, but also speeds muscle recovery, reduces inflammation and may even stop post-workout muscle spasms. And you don’t have to be a stoner to reap the many health benefits of this weed water. EVERx is formulated just for the fitness crowd so you never need to worry about the effects of marijuana’s most notorious phyto-chemical – THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Look for EVERx at this year’s Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival. All the best of the best from the world of bodybuilding will be there.
  3. MountJOY. This is the cannabis water that brings the familiar fizz of soda into your health regimen. Choose from any joyous flavors including orange, peach and natural water. This ZERO calorie cannabis water contains fast-acting cannabinoids including a micro-dose of THC (10mg) inside a 500 mg sparkling water base … that may or may not contain some of the most refreshing flavors Earth. MountJOY Sparkling water is a bubbly, fizzy cannabis beverage made by hand in Sonoma Country. Use the low-dose THC formula to reach all of your wellness goals including motivation, refreshment and muscle repair. Plus of course the natural anti-inflammatory pain relief of cannabinoids.
  4. Pearl2O. When Washington legalized recreational marijuana they brought A LOT to the table. Meet Pearl20 – the cannabis infused vitamin water that gets you high. For recreational marijuana states only, Pearl20 is a game changer designed to infuse anything in your kitchen with a therapeutic dose of cannabis – all with no taste or smell of marijuana! So, get into the kitchen and pop open a bottle of Pearl20. Drink Pearl20 creative water by the bottle or add it into juices, smoothie recipes, make ice cubes and even baked goods for an added touch of healing cannabinoids (THC/CBD). What’s so great about Pearl20? THC is soluble in fat but there are no oils in mineral water. Pearl20 contains the active cannabinoids from marijuana (that yes … get you high) all inside a hand-held bottle of vitamin water that doesn’t taste or smell like marijuana in any way. Oh, what a weed water indeed!
  5. Hemp Rain. Get your body ready for the ultimate in hydration and overall wellness. Hemp Rain brings nothing but the best to your table with cannabis infused water that includes full-spectrum endocannabinoid support for muscle function, cellular hydration, stamina (without an NO crash) and focus. This nano-infused hemp water contains electrolytes, potassium and magnesium for re-hydration plus the Heneplex™ full-spectrum essential oil complex for overall wellness. Provides over 75 botanical terpenes along with a comprehensive blend of non-psychotropic phytocannabinoids (non-hallucinogenic).

Weed water really is a thing! And you can pick it up easily in recreational marijuana states, medical marijuana states or online as a CBD-only cannabis product. Whatever you choose, just remember that not all cannabis vitamin waters are created equal. So, shop for your next vitamin water from this cannabis infused weed water list! It is highly recommended for good health and wellness.



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