Marijuana Delivery in Massachusetts

Marijuana Plant

Last year’s victory to legalize recreational marijuana was a big win for cannabis users. However that does not mean you will be able to get your favorite plant delivered any time soon, legally anyways. Even worse a marijuana delivery may be the only option for many residents in Massachusetts.

Currently only medical marijuana patients have access to a legal delivery service. If all goes according to plan, adult use marijuana should be available for delivery by July of 2019. With the increasing number of Massachusetts municipalities banning or delaying the opening of recreational marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts most consumers will have to drive 30 minutes to an hour to purchase marijuana legally. Some companies will undoubtedly offer a Massachusetts marijuana delivery service to ease some demand in the bay state. These legal weed deliveries will offer consumers a valuable service especially in towns on Cape Cod like Bourne, Dennis and Sandwich among others. There very well could be 2 to 4 dispensaries in Provincetown that will offer weed deliveries to the rest of the cape when the recreational piece of Massachusetts law goes into effect. The whole array of THC infused products will most likely be available via delivery so you will be able to order flower, edibles, and extracts straight to your front door.

Marijuana deliveries are a game changer for residents that live in towns like Hyannis where adult use marijuana may be banned.

When choosing a delivery service customers should be careful to pick a service in compliance with the state laws regulating the sale of marijuana. There are many black market offerings available online that should be avoided as they can pose serious legal and health risks to consumers. 2018 is sure to be a rocky year for the roll out of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts but it sure will be an exciting one.


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