Recreational Marijuana Now Legal in Mass.

Boston's Back Bay Neighborhood

Interested in recreational marijuana and marijuana delivery service in Massachusetts? Where do you stand with current recreational marijuana laws in Massachusetts? Let’s take a look!

Massachusetts became the first state on the East Coast of the United States to legalize recreational marijuana in November 2016, and it has led to a wide variety of different dispensaries and marijuana delivery services planning to open very soon. While medical marijuana has been available in Massachusetts for several years, the legalization of recreational marijuana is still in its infancy.

With other states and countries that legalized marijuana, there is a period where new legal framework and legislation needs to be established. This could take several months, but most states across the United States took almost 12 months to establish their new legal frameworks. It shouldn’t be long before marijuana enthusiasts see retail marijuana dispensaries and marijuana delivery services opening their stores!

As the government alters legislation and establishes a retail framework for small business to sell marijuana, police and the government are urging people to remain patient. Very soon you will see recreational marijuana stores and marijuana delivery services opening for business. They will offer customers a wide variety of different marijuana strains at very competitive prices. So far, speculation on marijuana prices has them anywhere from $10-30 per gram depending on the strength of the marijuana and the strain.

People in Massachusetts will be looking forward to a variety of different marijuana strains. They will be able to choose from Indicas as well as super strong Sativas. Different strains offer smokers different effects, and it’s important to speak to sellers or do some research on which marijuana strain is best for you. Another exciting aspect of the legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts is the new marijuana delivery services which are planning to open! Soon you’ll be able to enjoy recreational marijuana without even having to leave the comfort of your own home!


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