Valentine’s Day Cannabis Chocolates: Top 5 Marijuana Infused Chocolate Candy Edibles

Cannabis chocolates are not only one of the  most delicious edibles, but they are also well-known to offer a deeper, more resonating body high when consumed. What’s more is that cocoa – the main ingredient in chocolate is also a natural source of cannabinoids. So, no matter which type of dominant strain you choose (sativa or indica) you can enjoy a cannabis chocolate edible with your lover, or just with yourself this Valentine’s Day. 

The flavor profiles of chocolate and cannabis blend so well together as a pairing – you don’t want to miss it! Here are the top 5 cannabis chocolates to try this Valentine’s Day:

1. KIVA Confections. This non-profit started out in California as a collective and now you can find KIVA Confections cannabis infused chocolates throughout hundreds of dispensaries in CA, AZ, NV and IL. With a loyal customer base you can count on KIVA to deliver the highest-quality cannabis chocolates available as they prioritize lab testing. And really, do you want anything less? With so many questions in accuracy and quality, KIVA is tested and certified to be free of pesticides, microbiological contaminants and residual solvents.

KIVA cannabis chocolates are ideal as a Valentine’s Day gift because they are individually wrapped squares. Delectable in all six KIVA varieties, you may just want to pick these up for yourself, to show some love to your #1: you.

2. Défoncé. When you want to feel sexy, start speaking French! And the first word you can learn is: Défoncé. In French, it means “intoxicated,” which you will be once you suck on this cannabis infused chocolate bar. Just try adding it into a steamed cup of almond milk for a THC rich beverage that’s sure to turn up the heat on your Valentine’s Day celebration. 5 mg of THC per serving of Défoncé chocolate.

3. Satori. This California cannabis company offers a range of marijuana edibles besides just chocolates. You can choose from chocolate-dipped cannabis edibles including almonds, strawberries, raisins, blueberries and cocoa beans. The best thing about this cannabis candy company is that they offer a variety of doses including 3mg and 6mg CBD, and 2mg, 3mg, 6mg and 10mg THC.

Make Satori your one-stop-shop for Valentine’s Day goodies and also pick up their exclusive Bud Potion No. 9 – a blend of chocolate, cannabis and massage oil.

4. Savor. This is more than just a chocolate. Savor is the cannabis brainchild of Whoppi Goldberg and Maya Elizabeth. And you can bring this chocolate cannabis spread right into the sack with you! Add it to the fingertips, tummy or even the earlobes of your lover this Valentine’s Day. Or make yourself the most drool-worthy sandwich with the cannabis spread. Because of it’s versatility you can really get creative with Savor. So go ahead! Savor offers both THC and CBD cannabinoids for a balanced high.

5. Nature Nurse. Formulated by traditional healers, knowledgeable nurses and science professionals, Nature Nurse cannabis chocolates were made with your mind/body balance in mind. Developed as a line of non-psychoactive cannabis edibles, these chocolates only provide CBD, or cannabidiol – a compound derived from marijuana known to offer pain relief, relaxation and an overall sense of well-being. This is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to purchase a cannabis chocolate but does not have a medical card or lives in a state where cannabis is still criminalized. 2.5mg CBD per chocolate and 75mg CBD per package.

Is Cannabis Chocolate the Ultimate Edible?
Chocolate is well-known to be one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts to offer someone. Not only is it absolutely decadent but it also offers “feel-good” brain chemicals including tryptophan (happiness), phenylethylalanine (attraction), theobromine (stimulant) and of course cannabinoids including that of THC and CBD, plus any others.

There is no better way to show someone you love them than breaking off a square of dark chocolate with them – even if it’s just for yourself. Chocolate has been used medicinally for centuries throughout cultures as an elixir. Add it to your Valentine’s Day holiday! Chocolate bars are known to support a healthy heart. Just add that to the cannabis and you’ve got the recipe for an ultra-sweet holiday.

Just Incase …
If you aren’t able to pick up cannabis chocolate edibles at a dispensary before Valentine’s Day, you can still make your own DIY cannabis-infused chocolate at home. Just follow this simple at-home recipe for chocolate cannabis edibles:

– 1-2 large chocolate bars (dark cocoa 50-75%)
– Cannabis oil, DIY extraction or tincture

– Add the chocolate bars into a small broiler pan, and turn the stovetop onto the lowest setting.
– Add in the chocolate bars and with a wooden utensil, stir the mixture slowly adding in drops of the cannabis oil into the chocolate as it melts.
– Continue to stir the mixture until it reaches the consistency you desire. You don’t want it to be too thin, but it should be easy to pour into ice trays or silicone molds.
– When you have added the cannabis oil, pour the melted chocolate into ice trays or another type of mold and place them into the refrigerator to set.
– Then, once cooled you can place them into a container, wrap them and share them with a loved one for Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day (especially if you are new to the world of weed edibles) try a micro-dose before eating a full dose of cannabis chocolate. This way, you can see where your limit is for sensuality and slouching on the couch before it’s too late. Besides that, you can just take your time and really sink into your Valentine’s Day this February 14th with any of these cannabis chocolates.


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