Weed Delivery Near Me?

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Weed delivery does exist! And for good reason, too. If you think about it, many pot users are too sick to go into a dispensary themselves, or may be so medicated due to a doctor recommendation for especially high doses of THC that pot delivery is the only option. For some users, it is the only way to get their weed. People with busy schedules, limited time or for people who simply want to make the most out of their time, marijuana delivery services are a must.

However, in some states where marijuana delivery services are illegal due to restrictions or limitations on licensing, people have to go into a dispensary to get their goodies all on their own. For people in states where weed delivery is legal, many are loyal to the best marijuana delivery services in their local cannabis communities. But, there are some weed delivery services that deserve an honorable mention. A “shout out” if you will …

Where is there weed near me? The top 5 marijuana delivery services:

  1. Goddess Delivers. Medical cannabis for California from the Goddess includes a menu of flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, vape products and more! Check out their everyday deals which include a range of $11 grams. Looking for weed delivery near you? Goddess Delivers overnight across California on all orders $75+. Same day delivery available in Los Angeles. If you are a California resident with a medical marijuana recommendation, you can join Goddess Delivers today and have cannabis delivered right to your front door!
  2. The Giving Tree of Denver. Also known as the #1 Dispensary in Denver Colorado, by Yahoo Local and also the Winner of the Customer Satisfaction Award for the 7th year in a row, The Giving Tree of Denver will soon be legally shipping a range of CBD products throughout the United States!
  3. Las Vegas ReLeaf. You can get weed delivered to your front door in Las Vegas hotel room no matter where you’re from. And it’s not just flower. Oh no. You can count on Las Vegas to deliver some of the most delectable edibles, high-potency concentrates, bath soaks, pain-relief topicals, and much more.
  4. Discreet Deliveries. This is a marijuana delivery service in Alaska that offers all of their medical and recreational users a range of products. Get anything you desire delivered right to your door with a minimum purchase of just $30! And even despite legal issues, Discreet Deliveries was able to maintain their marijuana delivery service so that you can always know where to get weed near you.
  5. Mother Medicina. If you are ever in the Boston area, give Mother Medicina a call. With discounts for veterans and the terminally ill the folks at Mother Medicina know how to prioritize patient care. Choose from anything on their extensive menu including concentrates, edibles, vape cartridges along with some of the top indica, sativa and hybrid strains. Oh! And don’t forget to ask about the Grab Bags at Mother Medicina, too!

BONUS: In Arizona, many people get their medical marijuana delivered from Dr. FeedGood. Including me! That’s because Dr. FeelGood weed delivery not only puts the highest-grade medicine right in your hands, but they also do it in a fast, friendly and knowledgeable way. I can tell you firsthand, that this company keeps you updated in real time with your delivery status and they are more than accommodating if you need any help understanding their menu. That’s why they took the BONUS spot on this top 5 list. **wink**

Something’s New in Nevada: The First “Emergency Regulations” Marijuana Delivery License
If you didn’t already know, there are different regulations involving marijuana delivery in medical versus recreational states. Medical marijuana does not restrict the supply chain under state law, allowing anyone to transport it. However, recreational marijuana can only be shipped by licensed liquor distributors. In medical states, delivery licenses are not exclusive to any type of distributor. And in fact, it is a relatively simple for licensed marijuana dispensaries to develop a weed delivery option.

Currently, you’ll find that many dispensaries in both medical and recreational marijuana states offer weed delivery however, with recent changes in Nevada state law, which officially began selling legal marijuana July 1, 2017, the very first cannabis transportation licenses from the farm to dispensary were issued this month.

Nevada recently had to conquer a cannabis marketplace roadblock: dwindling dispensary shelves. With so many people asking, “Where’s the weed near me?!” the Nevada Tax Commission was forced to relax the restrictions on distribution. Because Nevada’s marijuana supply chain only included licensed distributors, dispensary owners had to simply wait for another licensed distributor to re-stock their rapidly emptying shelves.

Until, now … Recently, the Nevada Tax Commission unanimously voted to approve “emergency regulations” to analyze whether or not enough liquor distributors are able to supply the state’s 47 marijuana dispensaries. The commission will decide whether to let non-liquor companies be distributors in the event of a drought.

In Las Vegas, the demand for weed has simply been too much for dispensary managers to keep up with. Almost double what was originally anticipated, dispensary sales in Las Vegas struggle to maintain their inventory and these new state issued distribution licenses may be just in time to maintain high pot sales in Las Vegas.

Where is the Weed Near Me?
If you’re wondering where to get weed delivery in your area, it can be confusing. With so many changes in legality, supply and demand, even the governing bodies are struggling to keep up with it all. Never fear! This is all pretty common in the ever-changing yet wonderful world of “legal” weed. So, if you are looking for a weed delivery service, find out first what the status of marijuana is in your state. This may make a difference in whether or not you can order weed delivery. But you can never be too sure, so get online and check your browser for results of “weed delivery near me,” to know if getting your marijuana is as easy as just dialing your phone.





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