It’s 4:20 This Week! Celebrate Cannabis with These Top 6 To-Do’s

If you can take this Friday off, go celebrate 4/20 in style. Here are some of the hottest spots to kick back with other fun and friendly cannabis community members. And you know what? You can even have some fun right at home at the end of your workweek with us. Just get stuck on your favorite chair or loveseat and break out some sticky-icky. It’s 4/20 my friend … and that mean’s is A-OK to get lit af.

What’s a Smoker to Do?
4/20 falls on a weekday this year but because it’s also Friday, people are going to be definitely asking, “Where is the weed at?!”

Here are the top 6 picks for 4/20 to-do’s in 2018. 

  1. Road Trip! If you do not live in a state where prohibition already ended – take a road trip! There are many places in the U.S. where you can use cannabis products however, if you aren’t currently in a weed legal state planning to get to one may take a few days so start planning now. And just think … you could be in California, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, New York or Alaska on 4/20 if you got tickets today. 
  2. Tetra Private Lounge & Garden. This is one of the hottest spots to take a smoke break on 4/20 if you’re in the Denver area. You can kick back with your favorite cannabis products and enjoy daytime socials with people you can relate to. But the 4/20 celebration doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down as nighttime festivities are even more exciting. So, go ahead and re-up! The sessions get even more live after dark so take advantage of the VIP members-only space during the themed evening events. Interested in attending one of the hottest parties in Denver for 4/20? Check out what’s going on, here @
  3. 4/20 Eve on the Rocks. Start with a pre-game smoke session in the most famous amphitheater around: Red Rocks in Colorado. The concert will feature OG’s in the game like Method & Redman, Collie Buddz, 311, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, along with Chali 2NA from Jurassic 5 and many more! This is not a show you should miss if you feel like getting IRIE with legendary musicians from the old school days when weed was illegal. The show continues into the next day so there’s no reason to go any place else once you’ve made the journey to LivWell.
  4. 420 Wellness Retreat. When 4/20 finally strikes you should be ready to hang with the big dawgs. And of course Snoop Dogg already has a 420 Wellness Retreat lined up in Denver Colorado. Hitting 3 other cites in the lineup, this isn’t a show to miss if you feel like getting lit with the biggest names in rap.

For more 4/20 events, check out this calendar for a more complete listing.

Other Ways to Celebrate 4/20
Even if you are stuck at home on the couch for 4/20 – you’re not alone! Try these 2 DIY ideas and share your results with us in the comments section below.

6. Make Edibles. Think about it this way, you’re going to need munchies on 4/20 but April 20thisn’t like any other day of the year. So, why not infuse your food? You can purchase cannabis edibles at a dispensary, but you can also make a simple extraction with just 2 ingredients 1) cooking oil or butter and 2) dried cannabis flower at home and mix it into any food you desire.

Here is a simple DIY cannabis oil extraction method that you can use in any of your favorite baked edibles recipes, dips or by the spoonful.

You’ll need:
– 1 cup cooking oil or butter
– 1/8th dried cannabis flower strain of your choice (add additional concentrates including kief, crumble or liquid shatter).

Place the oil in a medium-sized saucepan on a low setting and allow the liquid to heat up. Watching the pot carefully, stir the oil constantly with a wooden utensil to keep it from boiling. NOTE: If you notice bubbles, reduce the temperate because you want the oil to simmer at the lowest possible heat setting. A hint of a bubble is just right while a rolling boil will burn your entire batch.

You can make edibles by substituting regular oil for cannibutter at the recommended amounts for butter or oil in any baked recipe. Pasta, garlic bread, hummus dip, sandwiches and other foods also lend well to cannabis terpene profile in oil extractions. Is your mouth watering, too!

7. Try Topical Infusions. You can add any left-over cannabis oil to your skincare regimen by rubbing it into the skin. Olive, jojoba seed and coconut oil are the best oils to use for these types of DIY cannabis extractions. The topical application of cannabis infused skincare products are also known to offer many benefits including cellular protection and a moderate absorption rate for overall pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects from cannabinoids.

This year is your year to take 4/20 and turn it into something memorable. Even if you’re at home, it can be a celebration! Just add these top 6 4/20 plans to your to-do list and have fun. Happy holidays!


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